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What is LockMyCash?

LockMyCash provides an online escrow service that protects buyers and sellers from fraud during transactions by acting as a trusted third party that collects and holds payments from a buyer and release this payment to the seller when the buyer is satisfied or based on agreements.

LockMyCash in Action

Pay for goods

Make payment for goods. We won't pay the seller until you've inspected and are satisfied with the goods.

Pay for Me

Need someone to pay for some goods for you? Create the transaction on LockMyCash and reduce the risk of being scammed.

Domain Transfer

Transfer domains easily and securely with LockMyCash. We ensure that both parties keep to the agreement.

Pay contractors

Pay contractors via LockMyCash and unlock your cash only when you are satisfied with the job done.

Why sellers choose us

Sellers only ship products after receiving a confirmation that payment has been received from the buyer on LockMyCash thereby eliminating pay on delivery and cutting out delivery expenses to unserious buyers.

Why buyers choose us

A buyer releases the cash to the seller only and after he must have received and inspected the items he ordered and if satisfied, releases payment to the seller, not satisfied? He gets a full refund. No story!

We think you should know that...

LockMyCash won the MCash Fintech Challenge organized by the Central Bank of Nigeria in 2017 in Lagos.

We were beneficiaries of the “Grow it Grant” by the British Council in Nigeria, 2018

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