Our fees

Our fees are explained in the table below;

Transaction Cost (NGN) Fee Fee Cap (NGN)
Less than 9,999 7% 600
10,000 - 49,999 5.5% 2000
50,000 - 149,999 3.6% 3500
Greater than 149,999 2.5% 5000

Minimum fee: N200.00

Fee Cap: The maximum we would charge on a transaction. For example, a transaction that costs N9,000 by the rate table above we should charge 7% of N9,000 which is N630.00, but we have a cap set at N600. That implies we would charge you N600 instead of N630, we would never charge you more than the fee cap for the corresponding transaction cost. That's all!

Minimum fee

This implies we would not charge below N200.00. For example, a transaction that costs N2000, should attract a fee of N140.00 (7% of N2000.00) but we would charge N200. We can't charge less than N200.00.