Accept payment from your customers and via platforms.


Flypurse is a payment service provider and we help you accept payments from your customers via your platform or even via other platforms.

It's free to set up and no hidden fees

Funds are deposited in your bank accounts not later than 24hours after transaction occured.

Our features


Integration is quite easy, no serious coding. However, we'd be available to provide support should you need it at any point during integration.

No set up fees

Set up is free, no hidden fees, no monthly fees. You don't need to pay a dime to get on board, that's just it.


Prompt settlement. Funds are deposited in your bank account within 24 hours.


Our customer happiness team ensures you get all the help you need all the way.

Our fees

We charge 1.5% + N100 on each transaction with a cap of N2000. That implies the maximum we would ever charge is N2000.

The additional N100 is waived for transactions below N2000. That implies for a N1000 transaction, we charge N15.00 (1.5% only)

No setup fees, no hidden fees

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